Gadget Bazaar

Owner: Romala Rajendran; originally from Sri Lanka; has owned her own business for 1 year; has been in Buffalo for 10 years

Languages spoken: Sinhala, Tamil, English

Payments accepted: Cash and credit card (Visa, American Express, Discover, Mastercard)

Telephone number: (716) 400-4899

About Gadget Bazaar: Romala sells a variety of products from Sri Lanka. She sells children clothing, jewelry, handbags, hair accessories, and Hindu religious items from Sri Lanka. Her beautiful jewelry, especially the necklaces and earrings, are a huge customer favorite.  

Romala Rajendran is very satisfied when customers are excited about her Sri Lankan products. She enjoys hearing her customers say how pleased they are with her designs and patterns. She also loves speaking with customers because it gives her an opportunity to learn conversational English. In the words of Romala: "I am a people person!" 


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