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West Side Bazaar COVID-19 Update

West Side Bazaar COVID-19 Update

Due to restrictions on large gatherings and restaurants during the COVID-19 crisis, West Side Bazaar is only open for curbside pick up.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but customers are not currently allowed in the building. You can still order by phone or online for curbside pick up using the directions below.


This webpage is updated regularly and may change.

You can also follow us on social media for updates and news.

FB: @WestSideBazaar

IG: @WestSide_Bazaar

Phone: 716-783-8489

25 Grant Street | Buffalo, NY 14213 [between Hampshire & West Ferry]




Restaurant Businesses


Seven restaurants are operating for curbside pick up. 

Numbers and online ordering pages for these businesses are listed below. 

You can find menus by clicking the restaurant name on the “Food” drop down menu or by visiting our Facebook page. Menus are also on the online ordering pages. 


Nine & Night Thai Cuisine - 716-541-7963 - Menu/Order Now [Tues-Sat]

Abyssinia Ethiopian Cuisine - 716-308-0789 - Menu/Order Now [Tues-Sat]

M Asian Halal - 716-533-8558 - Menu/Order Now - [Tues-Sat]

Thang's Japanese Ramen - 716-715-5053 - Menu/Order Now [Tues-Sat]

007 Chinese Food - 716-951-2535 - Menu/Order Now - [Tues-Sat]

Rakhapura Mutee & Sushi - 716-390-1012 -  Menu/Order Now - [Tues-Sat]

Pattaya Street Food - 716-335-6816 - Menu/Order Now - [Tues-Sat]

Kiosko Latino (new location: 345 West Ferry St.) - 716-207-9282 - Menu/Order Now




How to Place an Order


Orders can be placed by phone or online for select businesses.

To Order Online:

  1. Please visit the ordering page above and select “curbside pickup”.
  2. Place your order and pay online with credit or debit card, Apple Pay, or G Pay.
  3. Pull up in front of West Side Bazaar at the designated time. We will bring your food to your car.

To Place an Order by Phone:

  1. Call the restaurant you would like to order from to place your order by phone.
  2. Please prepay for the order over the phone with your credit card and give your name. The restaurant will give you a pick up time. Most of our restaurants use Square to process credit card transactions. To process a phone sale, Square requires the credit card number, expiration date, CVV code, and ZIP code of the card holder. 
  3. Pull up in front of West Side Bazaar. We will ask your name and bring your food to your car. You can roll down the rear passenger window or open your trunk. We will place your food inside to minimize contact.

Picking Up

If you have ordered online or ordered and paid by phone: Please pull up in front of West Side Bazaar. We will come out to your car to ask for your name and the restaurant or restaurants you ordered from. We will place the food in your trunk or the rear passenger seat of your car if the window is down. 

If you have ordered and not paid: Please pull up in front of West Side Bazaar. We will come out to your car and ask for your name and the restaurant or restaurants you ordered from. When the order is ready and staff is available, someone will bring it to your car and process your payment. We strongly discourage customers from using cash. If you do need to use cash, please use exact change or round up to the nearest dollar. Our staff will not make change for cash orders.

If you have yet to order: Contact information for restaurants can be found above. It is also posted on the front door and front windows of West Side Bazaar. Please click the links above to find menus or visit our Facebook page. You will need to order and pay by phone. Please inform the business owner that you are waiting outside. If your vehicle is approached by a member of our staff, please inform them of your name and the restaurant you ordered from so they may bring it to your vehicle when the order is complete. We will not accept orders through walk up. We apologize for any inconvenience, but customers may not enter West Side Bazaar for any reason. 

If you ordered from more than one restaurant please make sure to let us know. Our business owners are all English language learners, and they may not correctly transcribe your name from a phone conversation on to your order. This can lead to some confusion when picking up orders with similar names. 


Suggestions & Tips for Ordering

All of the businesses in West Side Bazaar are small, family run businesses. Due to current workplace regulations, each open business can only operate with one staffer. This allows us to maintain proper social distance in our kitchen while keeping the number of individuals working in the building below New York State regulations. 

This may lead to longer wait times and multiple phone calls, especially during popular times. We recommend ordering online when possible. 

If you are interested in ordering and are not on a timetable, consider ordering during the slower times of the day, usually between 1:00 and 5:00 PM or right when we open at 11AM. Most orders placed during this time period can be filled in 15-30 minutes, depending on the food and restaurant. 

After 5:00PM it is extremely likely wait times will increase to 45-60 minutes for popular restaurants, especially on Friday and Saturday evenings. 

We also encourage you to think about placing large orders a few hours in advance, especially if all the food is coming from one restaurant. If the whole family is thinking about Thai for dinner, place your order during the slower periods in the afternoon. You can ask for it to be ready at a certain time instead of making repeated calls or experiencing long waits by ordering in the evening when dinner time approaches. You can also set a pick up time for online orders so your food is still fresh and hot if you’re driving in from the suburbs or would like to plan your dinner in advance.


Large Orders from Multiple Restaurants

All restaurants and retail shops in West Side Bazaar are independently owned and operated. If you are only ordering from one restaurant, please call them directly.

If you are ordering from multiple restaurants we can process your order over the main line at 716-783-8489. You may experience a longer wait time, as we will coordinate the order with business owners to ensure your food is ready at the same time. We encourage ordering at least an hour in advance for large orders in peak times. 

To protect the safety of our staff, we are unable to process orders for cash sales or in person credit card payments over the main line. You must provide credit card information to order directly through West Side Bazaar. If you are not comfortable providing this information over the phone, you may call the individual restaurants to place your order and arrange alternate payments. Unfortunately online ordering is online available through individual restaurants. Though we cannot process online orders for multiple restaurants, you can place orders from several restaurants using their online ordering pages and choose the same ready time for all of your orders. This ensures all of your food will come up hot and fresh when you’re ready to pick it up. 


Catering Orders

Catering orders can be made by emailing our West Side Bazaar Manager, Mike, at [email protected] or by calling our main line during business hours. Our catering menu can be found here. Please provide at least 48 hours notice for large orders, as we may be out of some items or some restaurants may not be operating.


Retail Businesses

As nonessential businesses, all of our retail shops are currently closed. 

Macrame by Nadeen does have an Etsy shop you can find here.

To order Gift Certificates for Macrame by Nadeen or Gift Certificates for Macrame Classes, please call or text 716-541-8824.

You can order Gift Certificates from Moon Lady Arts & Crafts by calling 716-951-2386.

Our other retail businesses do not currently offer gift certificates or online shopping.

Gift certificates are also available for Kiosko Latino, 007 Chinese Food, Abyssinia Ethiopian Cuisine, and Nine & Night Thai Cuisine by calling the numbers above.


Bazaar Bucks

We have Bazaar Buck gift certificates available in increments of $10 and $20. They can be redeemed at any business in West Side Bazaar. 

To order, please email [email protected] or call the main line.

If you are paying with Bazaar Bucks, we encourage you to think about rounding to the nearest increment to minimize contact. We will wear gloves to collect these from you, but making change and passing money back and forth is a health risk for everyone. The best idea is to put the Bazaar Bucks and any extra cash into an envelope [for example, a $20 Bazaar Buck for an order costing $19.76, a $20 Bazaar Buck and a $5 bill for an order of $24.50] to protect our staff and business owners, as well as you and your family. 



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