Moonlady Arts & Crafts

Owner: Ma Theint; originally from Burma; has been in Buffalo for 11 years 


About Moonlady Arts & Crafts: Ma Theint sells arts and crafts from her country such as gem paintings, lacquerware, traditional puppets, and Burmese musical instruments. She also sells clothes, accessories, and religious items.

Words from Ma Theint on how she ended up starting her own shop in the Bazaar: "I wanted to start my own business before I retired, in the future I want to open my own Asian market. I have big dreams!" 

For more information on Moonlady Arts & Crafts, and how/why she ended up in Buffalo NY check out her interview on Buffalo Rising. 

Languages spoken: Burmese, English

Payment accepted: Cash and credit card (Visa, American Express, Discover, Mastercard)

Telephone number: (716) 951-2386

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