The Neighborly Fund

NeighborWorks® Community Partners (NCP) and Westminster Economic Development Initiative (WEDI) have set up The Neighborly Fund to offer relief to our neighbors who need help taking care of necessaries, such as paying their housing expenses, utilities, buying groceries, or keeping their small businesses afloat.

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About the Financial Assistance:

  1. WEDI will be providing financial assistance in the form of no-interest emergency loans and grant awards to small business owners, helping them keep their businesses afloat during these difficult times.
  2. NeighborWorks® Community Partners will be providing financial assistance in the form of no-interest emergency loans to individuals and families, helping them cover their living expenses to support their change in income.
  3. If you are seeking financial assistance for your business, you must reside or be doing business in Buffalo, NY. If you are seeking financial assistance for you or your family, you must reside in Erie, Monroe, or Niagara County.

How do I apply for financial assistance?

  1. Contact your Relationship Manager or point-of-contact at WEDI and tell them you would like to apply.
  2. You can start an online application by clicking here
  3. Once you submit this form your application is sent for a screening and within 24 hours we will contact you.
  4. If your application requires additional documents, such as bank statements or a profit & loss statement, please provide these to your Relationship Manager. 
  5. If you are in need of additional financial assistance, such as help for paying groceries and housing expenses, you will be directly referred to a Customer Journey Specialist with our partner organization, NeighborWorks® Community Partners.

Some important things to know:

  1. Applications will take at least seven (7) days to fund and will be reviewed each week.
  2. All funds provided will also come with financial coaching/counseling and other educational opportunities also offered by NeighborWorks® Community Partners and WEDI.