Julienne Boutique

Owner: Julienne Nyiranjishi; originally from Rwanda 

About Julienne Boutique: Julienne sells a variety of products from all over Africa. Many of the goods come from her homeland, including Rwandan peace baskets and other types of specialty woven baskets. Her brother, who still lives in Rwanda, makes cards from banana stamps and woodcarvings. She sells handmade jewelry that is also made in Rwanda, along with shawls from Namibia. Julienne also sells unique instruments from South Africa including drums and an instrument called the kalimba, a thumb piano.

"I hope to graduate from the bazaar and have the opportunity to open my own store because I like business. I feel connected to the products I sell as many of them come from my homeland and my family members that are still there." -Julienne Nyiranjishi

From Rwanda to Congo and back to Rwanda, it took many journeys to get Julienne and her family here to Buffalo NY...

To learn more about Julienne's Boutique and her long journey to finally reach Buffalo NY check out her interview in Buffalo Rising: http://buffalorising.com/2014/01/julienne-boutique-the-west-side-bazaar/

Languages spoken: French, Kinyarwanda, English 

Payment accepted: Cash and credit card (Visa, American Express, Discover, Mastercard)

Telephone Number: (716) 903-7619

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